TATE Online Puppy Preschool

We now have a self-paced course to help ensure your puppy grows up to be a confident and happy adult dog with other dogs, people, places and things!

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About TATE Online Puppy Preschool..

The Puppy stage is such an important phase and at TATE Animals we strongly believe that if you provide appropriate management, training & outlets for your Puppy in this critical learning phase, you will be able to raise a confident & happy adult dog and build a long lasting relationship for many years to come. That is why we have put together our popular Puppy Preschool Program and adapted it online so you can learn everything you need to know about raising a puppy with us in the comfort of your own home.

What we will cover in our Puppy Portal

Raising a confident Puppy

We show you how to create independence and build their emotional development.

Puppy Training

We will be covering all the basics like Sit, Drop, Come, Stay, Walking to get you started.

Common Puppy Problems

We will be discussing all those common Puppy problems and how to over come them.

Exploring the world

We go over socialising and allowing your puppy to get lots of exposure to different things in the environment.

What you will learn

Week One

  • Management, Training & Outlets
  • Independence building
  •  Introduction to Training
  •  The magic of ‘SIT’
  • Exercise games and puppy outlets

Week Two

  • Progressing ‘SIT’
  • Socialisation & Confidence building
  • Sound desensitisation
  • Introducing ‘DROP’
  • Resource Guarding
  • Introducing ‘COME’

Week Three

  • Progressing ‘DROP’
  • Using Leads
  • Progressing ‘COME’
  • Handling and Grooming
  • Introducing ‘STAY’
  • Nipping & Biting

Week Four

  • Progressing ‘COME’& ‘STAY’
  • Loose Lead Walking
  • A dog’s nose & Fetch
  • Training other behaviours
  • Where too after puppy school?
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What is included in the Puppy Preschool Program

Recorded Video Lessons

Jen will take you through the 4 weeks of Puppy Preschool with 4 x recorded step by step lessons.

Instant Access to the Puppy Portal

Our Puppy Portal is where all the Lessons, video tutorials and resources are and you will have access to everything.

Private Puppy FB Group

Connect with the TATE team and other puppy owners as we share the Puppy journey together and show us your progress.

Live Q&A's with Jen 

Thats right you will also get the opportunity to ask Jen any questions when she goes live in the Facebook group for Q&A's 

Online Puppy Preschool


One- time Payment

What is include

  • 4 x Recorded video lessons for each week of Puppy Class with Jen Tate
  • Each lesson will provide step by step information
  • Instant Access to the Puppy Portal for 6 months
  • Video Tutorials, resources and notes inside the portal
  • Access to the Private FB group to share the journey 
  • FB Live Q&As with Jen Tate 
  • Everything you need to raise a confident & happy Puppy 
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Puppy Training Bundle


Best value

  • One time payment
  • Online Puppy preschool (6 mths)
  • Everything as mentioned with the Puppy Preschool course
  • Access to Puppy Portal & FB group
  • Live Q&As with Jen Tate in FB
  • Loose lead walking course (lifetime access)
  • Anxiety busters mini course (lifetime access)
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Learn Puppy Preschool with Jen Tate

Jen Tate is the Co-Owner at TATE Animals and she has a wealth of knowledge & experience when it comes to animal training & behaviour, especially puppies.

Jen has been teaching face to face Puppy Preschool for over 7 years and now she is taking you through everything she knows to help you raise a happy & confident puppy online.

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